is a virtual city full of entertaining and educational things for you to do.
Want to see what it’s like to be a Doctor, Lawyer, or President?
Want to own your own Virtual Store?
Adopt a Virtual Pet or Baby?
You can do all of that and more in

The best thing about Pretendville is that it is 100% FREE.

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Adopt A Baby Go Prospecting for Gold Open a Flower Shop
Adopt A Pet Go Diamond Mining Open a Pizza Parlor
Adopt A Fairy Be A Paparazzi Open a Pastry Shop
Adopt A Supermon Be An Oil Prospector Open an Ice Cream Parlor
Adopt A Monopet Be A Paleontologist Open a Clothing Store
Adopt A Little Fairy Be A Doctor Open a Jewelry Store
Adopt An Arena Pet Be A Farmer Open A Pet Store
Be An Accountant Be A Judge Be President of The USA
Be An Astronaut Be A Plumber Be A Stewardess
Be An Actor Be An Electrician Be A Pilot
Be An Actress Be A Teacher Be A Fireman
Be An Architect Be A Writer Be A Mechanic
Be An Artist Be A Rockstar Be A Bus Driver
Be A Carpenter Be A Rapper Be A Policeman
Be A Chemist Be A Hair Dresser Be A Paramedic
Be A Veterinarian Be A Cheerleader Captain Be A Model
Be A Nurse Be A Pharmacist Be A Photographer

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